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7th Florida Regiment, Company B
C. S. A. Infantry
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The South Florida Rifles (1862 - 1865)

According to the book, Soldiers of Florida, the 7th Florida Regiment was mustered into service at Gainesville, Florida, in April, 1862, with ex-Gov. Madison S. Perry as Colonel; Robert Bullock as Lieutenant-Colonel, and Tillman Ingram as Major.

The companies were commanded by Captains :
Co A :Roland Thomas (Roland Thomas resigned immediately and was succeeded by Henry T. York)
Co B :James Gettis (see Officers' Biography)
Co C :Philip B. H. Dudley
Co D :Simeon VanLandingham
Co E :Nathan S. Blount
Co F :William W. Sloan
Co G :S. D. McConnell
Co H :Wade H. Eichelberger
Co I :A. S. Moseley
Co K :R. B. Smith

The companies forming this Regiment had been on duty at various points in Florida for several months prior to their consolidation as the 7th Regiment, notably at Tampa and New Smyrna, where they did excellent service. Soon after being mustered in they were ordered to Tennessee to join Bragg's Army, with which it took part in all the campaigns of the Army of Tennessee and surrendered but a handful of men with Johnston at the close of the war.

Proud History Of The 7th Florida

During and following the three Indian wars many Florida citizens joined local militia units. When the War Between The States became imminent these units were enrolled in the state military and then into Confederate service. Many of their records were lost or destroyed during reconstruction.

On January 20, 1861, Florida seceded from the Union and became the third Confederate State. In Gainesville, Florida, in April 1862, the "South Florida Rifles" were mustered into Confederate States Army as Company B of the 7th Florida Volunteer Infantry Regiment. Later that year the 7th was sent to fight in General Kerby Smith's Kentucky Campaign. Then it guarded vital Confederate communications in Tennessee, skirmishing continuously.

In 1863, now in the Army of Tennessee under General Braxton Bragg, the regiment won distinction at the Battle of Chickamauga, Georgia, (September 19, 1863). That was followed by the Battle of Chattanooga, Tennessee, (September 24, 1863) during which the regiment manned entrenchments at the foot of Missionary Ridge (November 25, 1863) and took frightful losses as the Federals pushed up those heights.

In the Atlanta Campaign fighting from Resaca, Georgia, (May 14, 1864) to Peachtree Creek, (July 19, 1864) the 7th won new laurels and then marched to the agony of the Battle of Franklin, Tennessee, (November 30, 1864) under General John Bell Hood. The survivors helped in contesting General Sherman's march (starting January 30, 1865) across the Carolinas to the Battle of Bentonville, North Carolina, (March 19-21, 1865).  This was the last major battle for the Army of Tennessee. These are but a few of the 32 major engagements in which the 7th participated.

Decimated at Chattanooga, the remnants of the Florida regiments were consolidated into the Florida Brigade. Reduced to a handful, the Brigade surrendered at Durham Station, North Carolina, on April 26, 1865, with the rest of the Army of Tennessee. A month later it was disbanded at Augusta, Georgia.

Muster Roll of 7th Florida, Company B from Soldiers of Florida

Listed below is the 1862 Roster of 7th Florida, Company B from Hartman's Biographical Roster :

1862-1865 Officers
Name : Rank :
GETTIS, James Captain
HENDERSON, William Benton 1st Lt
HENDERSON, John Alexander 2nd Lt
NUNEZ, Roberty Flournoy 2nd Lt
BROWN, William Henry 1st Sgt
McKAY, John Angus 2nd Sgt
CAMPBELL, Alfred S. 3rd Sgt
THOMAS, Louis R. 4th Sgt
CANNING, Robert 5th Sgt
MASTERS, Lawrence Alexander 1st Cpl
TOWNSEND, Lorenzo Dow 2nd Cpl
TOWNSEND, Elijah (Jr) 3rd Cpl
BROCKWAY, Simeon L. 4th Cpl

1862-1865 Privates
Name : Name : Name : Name :
ADDISON, David James GRAHAM, George W. PAPY, Charles TANNER, Nathan
ADKINS, Eli GRICE, John A. PASS, William Owen TANNER, Vincent
ALDERMAN, Timothy GUNTER, John Beston POLLOCK, Thomas THOMAS, James H.
ALLEN, Hiram HENDERSON, Andrew H. POOLE, Thomas TOWNSEND, Adolphus
BEAL, George W. HENDRY, John M. POWELL, Ambrose TOWNSEND, Jaques
BOYET, George W. HIRES, Jesse G. PRINE, Henry A. TUCKER, John D.
BRANNON, Fanty L. HOLLINGSWORTH, Timothy PRINE, James E. TURNER, Arthur Campbell
BUCHANAN, William E. JAMISON, Daniel RAULERSON, William Henry UNDERHILL, Jerry
BURLESTA, Ramon JOHNSTON, Columbus M. RAWLS, William Alexander Lafayette WECKTER, Joseph
BURTS, Wilbur F. JOHNSTON, James H. RIGGS, Joshua D. E. WELLS, Richard M.
CAMPBELL, William N. JOHNSTON, Willis M. RHYMER, Jasper WHIDDEN, William
CARNEY, William KEEN, Joseph L. ROGERS, Julius D. WHIDDON, Bennett
CASON, John KERSEY, George ROSS, Lorenzo Dow WHIDDON, Edward
COLEMAN, John KRAUSE, John Henry RUSHING, Theophilus H. WHIDDON, Eli P.
COLLINS, Enoch E., Jr. LANIER, John H. RYE, Erasmus WHIDDON, James, Jr.
COWART, Alexander McLEOD, Daniel SANDERS, J. W. WHIDDON, John
COWART, Benjamin T. McLEOD, Ferdinand SIMMONS, George WHIDDON, Willoughby
DOUGLASS, Robert McLEOD, John B. SISTRUNK, Moses Henry WHITE, Abraham B.
DOWNING, Henry J. McLEOD, William M. SLOAN, Elbert WHITE, James Huston
EDWARDS, Sherrard MANSELL, Addison SLOAN, Orville WHITE, John F.
ELLIS, Thomas B. MILEY, William G. SMITH, George W. WHITE, William B.
FRIER, William H. H. MITCHELL, Samuel STAFFORD, Columbus WHITEHURST, Lorenzo D.
GAGE, Alexander MITCHELL, Thomas Jefferson STEPHENS, James Alfred WIGGINS, John Reuben
GILLETT, Daniel K. MIZELL, Enoch E. STEPHENS, John W. WIGGINS, William L., Jr.
GILLETT, David Washington MONTES De OCHE, Charles STEPHENS, Joseph Berrien WILLIAMS, James
GIVENS, Jasper John MOODY, James Andrew Osgood STONE, John P. WILLIAMS, James G.
GRAHAM, Alva MOODY, William Bird SWEAT, William E. ZIPPERER, Aaron Gideon
GRAHAM, Daniel G. PAGO, Joseph SYNCOX, Henry .

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