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Membership Information

LEARN about and LIVE the most exciting and interesting period in American history ... The War Between the States !!

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Membership in the Kockritz Rifles is available to any responsible, healthy citizen aged 14 or over who confirms their intention to regularly attend meetings and fully participate in Company activities, support the purposes and programs of the organization and reliably perform given orders and submit to the discipline.

$20 dues are payable January 1st each year. $10 for those joining after July 1st. "Father and son” dues are $30. Mandatory accident and liability insurance is available through the company at $8.50 for all combatants and $2.50 for civilians. Mandatory meetings are held at events unless members are otherwise notified. A Company "ORDERS & REPORT" is circulated to keep members fully informed on activities and to provide a record. The company Website is kept up to date at all times to provide a reliable source of information.

After payment of dues a recruit must attend an activity identified as a "Company Event" for which he must purchase a "Company Strawhat". Through arrangement made by the Commanding Officer the recruit will undertake training in the manual of arms and military protocol and following an interview with Company Commander the recruit will be awarded their Secession Cockade. This is an indication that the recruit has been accepted as a "Strawhat".

Minors 14 to 18 may become members only in conjunction with membership of their parent or guardian and may attend events only when accompanied by and under the supervision of their member parent or guardian. They are not permitted to carry weapons, nor approach an area where weapons are being discharged except with the express permission of the Company Commander.

Membership in the Kockritz Rifles is regarded as a family activity. Families are welcome to attend and women are encouraged to participate in the role of women during the Civil War period.

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Uniforms and equipment
The regulation uniform of this Company represents an 1860's militia uniform which is authentic in pattern and materials. It is somewhat modified to identify with Confederate service. The plantation "Strawhat" is appropriate for Florida service and identifies the Kockritz Rifles. The right brim is pinned up by the distinctive, colorful, KR secession cockade. A Florida double palm tree pin can be worn on the front of the hat.

Regular Uniform
The 7 button shell jacket with stand up collar for enlisted men and non-commissioned officers is the regulation. It is tailored of gray wool. A black collar and cuffs may be used as it was a favorite trim of militia. A pullover civilian style shirt of your own choice of color, full cut gray trousers, wool socks and black Jefferson brogans complete the uniform.

Dress Uniform
A white shirt with a black tie and white cotton gloves are worn as the dress uniform. Full cut natural duck cotton trousers are the prefered trousers.

The black leather model 1841 cartridge and cap box along with an 1830 belt with appropriate buckle are the type that we allow. A three band Springfield or Enfield with bayonet is the standard musket. Necessary equipment also includes a good canteen, tinware, haversack, blanket, tenting and cooking equipment. At many events cooking is done by our company cook. At other events it is pooled.

A second pair of trousers (gray or brown, not butternut) and socks along with an extra shirt are also recommended.

Before purchasing any equipment the recruit should consult with the Company QuarterMaster to assure conformation with uniform regulations and for information on items where personal choice is permitted, such as canteen and blanket. The recruit should be prepared, first to purchase shoes (about $90.00) and then order the shell jacket and trousers.

The company has a rental program to make it possible for the recruit to participate in events while getting himself properly outfitted. Details can be obtained from the Captain or QuarterMaster Sgt.

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