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History of the Kockritz Rifles

Reenacting The War Between The States
Public interest in the War Between the States has never been greater. and reenacting it has never been more popular. Today perhaps 50,000 reenactors participate in more then 250 events held each year throughout the nation and overseas.

The Company has been continuously active since 1979 and operates as a entirely authentic Confederate company which flies the Confederate First national flag at every event at which it appears. Because of the number of desirable in state and convenient out of state events, it is possible for the Kockritz Rifles to participate in at least one reenactment, tactical or living history program practically every month.

The Kockritz Rifles have participated as Wheats Tigers at Manasses, with Archers Brigade at Gettysburg and many more. Company B of the Seventh Florida has been one of the lead units in virtually every one of the 125th anniversary reenactments and it has participated in nearly every 130th, 135th and 140th aniversary observance. Our flag carries more then 40 streamers of major reenactments. Members have appeared in every recent War Between the States film and T.V. production, including Blue & Gray, North & South, Glory and Gettysburg. In short, the Kockritz Rifles are one of THE ELITE units in the country.

Originally called the South Florida Rifles by its founder, the company was incorporated by the membership in 1993 under its founder's name as the Kockritz Rifles. Major Ewald Kockritz passed away in May of 1996.

Here is a page dedicated to those that have left the Strawhats forever

The Kockritz Rifles are chartered as a NOT FOR PROFIT Florida corporation. It qualifies as a tax exempt organization under Federal regulations. The Company fully complies with established black powder safety regulations and participate only in events in which participants are covered by liability insurance.

In addition to its encampments, the unit's schedule includes social affairs, such as period balls and picnics, the study of War Between the States history, service as color guard at parades and patriotic and historical observances, living history impressions of civilian and military camp life and demonstrations of marching and maneuvering. Members make frequent educational appearances at schools and at social and service clubs.

Preparation of members for complete and accurate portrayal of soldiers of the War Between the State and the Company's faithful depiction of the soldiers activities and appearance provides a unique vehicle for public knowledge and understanding of that period in American history and makes this primarily an educational activity.

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