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7th Florida Regiment, Company B
C. S. A. Infantry

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Current Members of the Strawhats

Rank and Name
eMail Address

Captain Mark Helwig CaptainHelwig@TheStrawhats.com
1st Lt Don Peterman poopdeckpappydon@aol.com

1st & QM Sgt Emory D. Kale (Dan) danbear96@aol.com
2nd Sgt Gareth Swanepoel SgtSwanepoel@TheStrawhats.com
Cpl Scott Helwig CplSHelwig@TheStrawhats.com
Cpl Bill Lankford CplLankford@TheStrawhats.com
Cpl Dave Peterman (Fire Starter) CplDPeterman@TheStrawhats.com
Acting Cpl Matt Helwig CplMHelwig@TheStrawhats.com
Cpl Paul Peterman (Commissary) ppeterman10@gmail.com

Pvt Doug Baker PvtBaker@TheStrawhats.com
Pvt Marc Bailey marcnsharon@mchsi.com
Pvt Mike Lewis PvtLewis@TheStrawhats.com
Pvt Lucas Long PvtLong@TheStrawhats.com
Pvt Doug Millican PvtMillican@TheStrawhats.com
Pvt David Moons PvtDMoons@TheStrawhats.com
Pvt Forrest Moons PvtFMoons@TheStrawhats.com
Pvt Jared Moons PvtJMoons@TheStrawhats.com
Pvt Neal Ogilvy ogilvy2@yahoo.com
Pvt Dutch Sanger PvtSanger@TheStrawhats.com
Pvt Craig Satchell PvtSatchell@TheStrawhats.com
Pvt Shannon Satchell (Ice Angel) PvtSatchell@TheStrawhats.com
Pvt Mark Sgarlata PvtSgarlata@TheStrawhats.com
Pvt Jimmy Shirley PvtShirley@TheStrawhats.com
Pvt Alton Silver PvtSilver@TheStrawhats.com
Pvt Kurt Stone PvtStone@TheStrawhats.com
Pvt Joe Strycharz PvtStrycharz@TheStrawhats.com
Pvt Jason Tailford PvtTailford@TheStrawhats.com
Pvt Michael Williams pcbninja@aol.com

Reserve Platoon
1st Lt Bob Enik RobertEnik@aol.com
1st Lt Chaplain Peter Colon pcolon@msn.com
Mrs Flo Kockritz FKockritz@aim.com
Pvt Ed Bandola Ebandola@aol.com
Pvt Gred theur4@netzero.net
Pvt Larry Powell CSAPartisanSC@aol.com

Please click here to visit the page dedicated to the Strawhats that have left us forever.

Please click here to contact us.

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