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Officers' Biography

Captain James Gettis Captain James Gettis

Judge James Gettis was born 4 May 1816 in Pennsylvania and died 14 December 1867, in Hillsborough County, Florida. He was buried in Oaklawn Cemetery, Tampa, Florida.

He graduated from law school in Pennsylvania and practiced in that state until 1850, when he moved to Hillsborough County.  He had several students of law under his tutelage including Henry Laurens Mitchell, later Governor or Florida; and John A. Henderson (2nd Lt of 7th Fl, Co B).

He was elected Representative to Legislature for Hillsborough County and was Solicitor for the Southern Judicial Circuits of Florida; was a Circuit Judge, delegate to the Secession Convention of 1860 (voting for secession) and was elected Chairman. He was also a Delegate to the Constitutional Convention of Florida in 1865.

During the War Between The States, he organized his own Company and was elected its Captain. Captain Gettis served in the Company from 10 April 1862 until he resigned on 17 April 1863, due to ill health, at that time he served in the Tampa City Guards. As a bachelor, upon his death all of his property was left to James F. Henderson, executor of the estate.

First Lt William Benton Henderson

William Benton Henderson was born 17 September 1839 in Jackson County, Georgia, the son of Andrew H. Henderson and Florida Olivia (McDonald) Henderson. He married Caroline Elizabeth Spencer on 8 February 1860 in Hillsborough County, Florida. He died 14 December 1906, and is buried in Hillsoborough County.

William Benton Henderson was one of 14 pupils enrolled in the first Hillsborough County classrooms on 11 September 1848.

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