7th Fl Co. B - C.S.A.

7th Florida Regiment, Company B
C. S. A. Infantry

"The Strawhats"
The Original 7th Fl, Co B - South Florida Rifles
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Welcome to the 7th Florida, Company B web site.

Here you will find information about the original 7th Florida, Co B, known as The South Florida Rifles, that participated in the War Between the States.

You will also find information about the current unit, known as The Kockritz Rifles or, more affectionately, The Strawhats.
You will find a history of the company, a list of our current members, a little about our membership, our events calender, pictures of the events we've participated in and links to various War Between the States web sites.

The 7th at Narcoossee 2010
The 7th at Narcoossee 2010
© Photo by Jennifer Lee Photography.

Recruits !!

The C.S.A. Infantry is in need of volunteers willing to defend our land and our loved ones against the onslaught of the northern aggressors.

Please click here to see our membership information.

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